• Solar Energy is the wave of the Future - Be a part of it!
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  • Solar PV Harnesses Clean FREE Electricity from the Sun
  • Solar Thermal Provides Domestic Hot Water & Pool Heating, Solar Air & Radiant Heating
  • It's Time for a Real Energy Solution
  • Solar Generation is Our Generation
  • Commercial and Ground Mounted Systems
  • As Long as the Sun Continues to Rise We Will Always Have Clean Renewable Energy
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  • Nevada Leads the Nation in Clean Renewable Energy Resources
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  • Summerlin Energy Can Help You Harness the Power of the Sun
  • Summerlin Energy is Your Energy Alternative
  • The Mojave Desert is the Sunniest Spot in the Nation

Summerlin Energy LLC, was established to educate, integrate and distribute the highest quality energy efficient and energy neutralization technologies to public, commercial, and industrial properties. Summerlin Energy’s strength originates in the selection of state-of-the-art technologies and teaming with experienced successful subject-matter experts in their respective fields. Our energy alliance partnerships allow the versatility for targeted delivery of custom solutions meeting the needs of our client base. We deliver strategies for energy efficiency retrofits and renewable energy alternatives in both traditional fee-for-service models and power performance financial models.

Quality Solar Systems for Your Homequote

Adding solar panels to your home is simple with Summerlin Energy.

We are with you every step of the way.

Step 1: Request a FREE, no-obligation solar consultation. Click or Call us at (702) 430-9844.
Step 2: Summerlin Energy design consultants will custom-engineer your solar system based on your energy needs.
Step 3: We handle all of the paperwork for you, including: HOA approval, financing & rebates, engineering plans and construction permits.
Step 4: Start enjoying immediate savings!